Web Product

Web products refer to various kinds of Internet applications which run on mobile devices or PCs, such as Angry Bird, Evernote, Tumblr and Twitter. Nowadays with the rapid development of the internet, especially the Mobile Internet, web product manager, designer and developer have become the most promising positions in the job market. Different from traditional software development field, the study of web application is interdisciplinary science that comprises principles of UCD, user experience, interaction design and product operation. Therefore, to design and run a successful web product,the professionlas have to possess a complete skill set, which not only includes the basic programming skill which is required by traditional software development, but also embraces the user research and analysis skills, the information architecture design, interaction design and visual design abilities, and the business planning, product operation and teamwork knowledge.

About Course

Our course is a creative graduate course jointly taught by experienced lecturers from both academia and industry. Well-known professors from top universities (inc. Peking University, Central Academy of Fine Arts and University of Washington) and senior designers and engineers from famous Internet companies (inc. Alibaba, Google, Innovation Works, Tencent and Xiaomi Tech.) will teach the entire process of designing and developing web products, including Internet trend analysis, user requirement analysis, user-centered design method, user study technique, interaction design, usability test, brand marketing, and start-up business model. During the course, students will be grouped into small project teams to brainstorm a product idea and carry out the design. At the end of the course, student works will be evaluated by a panel of experts. Finally, surprising awards, internship positions, even career opportunities are waiting for you!