• Q: When will the course start?
  • A: From the first third of July, 2013.
  • Q: How can I find an apartment if I don’t live in Beijing?
  • A: We are not responsible for students’ accommodation. Students can contact other classmates via course forum or qq for flat-share after receiving admissions.
  • Q: Do I need to pay for the course?
  • A:  No need for tuition fee, but each student is supposed to pay 100 yuan for course materials.
  • Q: It is said that only full-time graduates and undergraduates will be accepted. If I get my bachelor’s degree at July this year and will become a graduate from September, can I take the course?
  • A: Yes, but please tell us your undergraduate and graduate school.
  • Q: I am an undergraduate student. Can I get credits for the course?
  • A: You will get a credit certification issued by Graduate School of Peking University. Please take it and apply for credits at your dean’s office.

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